The Blackstone Fund BREIT Faces Big Questions

On Wall Street, one mystery has been whispered about for months: How accurate is the valuation of Blackstone’s flagship real estate fund?

The speculation has arisen because the fund, the $59 billion Blackstone Real

Here’s another major sign Toronto’s real estate market is in big trouble right now

There are a handful of trends that show how badly Toronto’s housing market is flopping right now, and the latest may be the most concerning of all.

As noted by local mortgage expert Jason Geall on his well-followed TikTok account

Digital real estate platform developer Wahi embracing AI in big way

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Wahi CEO Benjy Katchen is shown at a recent press briefing in Toronto in which he outlined the firm’s AI initiatives. Photo

Whoops: Neil Gorsuch Also Made Big Money From a Dubious Real Estate Deal

Clarence Thomas isn’t the only one. According to Politico, Neil GorsuchDonald Trump’s first pick to the high court—also failed to disclose a real estate deal that could present a conflict of interest for the justice. The outlet