ULI St. Louis Addresses the City’s Home Repair Crisis

In St. Louis, a pressing home repair crisis is disproportionately affecting Black homeowners who struggle to afford the upkeep of their homes. This issue is deeply rooted in a legacy of racial injustice, including redlining and restrictive covenants. To find

How to apply for the city’s home repair loan programs

Home Improvement

It’s (finally) time to make those updates you’ve been talking about. Which program is right for you?

Bostonians can apply to HomeWorks Help, Senior Home Repair, LeadSafe Boston, and Seniors Save. Adobe Stock

Spring cleaning and home repair

One City’s Attempt to Bring Racial Equity to Home Repairs

As the nation continues to confront the affordable housing crisis, there are big questions around how to address housing challenges equitably and sustainably. In Detroit, one such approach is interest-free home repair loans. 

Established in 2015, Detroit’s 0% Interest Home