Ontario Leads Canada’s Real Estate Cooldown As Sales Fall To Crisis Levels: RBC

Canadian real estate markets are softening as higher rates begin to weigh on virtually all markets. RBC warns October data reveals falling existing home sales and rising inventory. The combination has resulted in the price decline for a typical home

Commercial real estate bubble will burst, says top economist who predicted 2008 housing crisis

While a lot has recovered and rebounded since the pandemic (think Thanksgiving travel and gathering en masse), work environments seem forever changed. The pandemic emptied office buildings as we once knew them, and central business districts suffered. Commercial real estate …

Real Estate Crisis Triggers New Alarms Over China’s Shadow Banks

An accountant in northeast China deposited her life savings and received a letter guaranteeing her investment in a trust firm. Workers at a state-owned utility pooled money from friends and relatives believing that their investments were backed by the government.

The housing crisis plus other letters, Aug. 18: ‘The best thing I can do to provide for my children in the distant future is to buy real estate and rent it out’

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A for sale sign is displayed outside a home in Toronto in December, 2021.CARLOS OSORIO/Reuters

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Re “Bank of Canada stuck wondering why interest rate hikes have not been enough to tame inflation”

ULI St. Louis Addresses the City’s Home Repair Crisis

In St. Louis, a pressing home repair crisis is disproportionately affecting Black homeowners who struggle to afford the upkeep of their homes. This issue is deeply rooted in a legacy of racial injustice, including redlining and restrictive covenants. To find

Making sense of America’s commercial real estate crisis

A photo peering inside the windows of an empty office building Richard Baker / In Pictures via Getty Images

More Americans have chosen to work from home full-time or part-time since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, reducing the need

Home repair crisis? Keep your cool and don’t get ripped off

Home Improvement

Lessons from a sewer pipe leak: Cultivate relationships with trusted tradespeople, particularly a plumber, before an emergency occurs.

You should know where and how to shut off the water in your home — and make sure the rest

Commercial real estate is in trouble. A bank crisis makes it worse.

If there is anything commercial real estate owners don’t need right now, it’s a banking crisis.

Big owners of property around the country were already under pressure from the Federal Reserve’s aggressive campaign to raise interest rates, which raised borrowing