4 Home Improvement Projects That Are Tax Deductible

Whether you’re a new homeowner who’s knee-deep in a gut renovation or you’re making necessary upgrades to your forever home, you might think that every home improvement is simply a sunk cost. Don’t despair, though. Home improvements can greatly increase

These Were the Most Popular Home Improvement Projects of 2023, According to BobVila.com Readers

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There’s no shortage of tasks to do and projects to tackle as a homeowner. From necessary repairs big and small (cracks in the ceiling, roof repair, appliance repair, and more) to renovation projects (kitchen and bathroom remodeling, among

Renovate Your Portfolio with These Home Improvement…

Summer is all about sun, sand, and construction. With the longer days comes the sights and sounds of pool and patio contractor trucks. Heavy (and small) equipment become a ubiquitous presence in most North American neighbourhoods, in an undeniable sign …