Limited exposure to U.S. commercial real estate giving Canadian bank investors hope. Why? – National

Limited exposure to U.S. commercial real estate (CRE) is giving shareholders hope that Canada’s big banks can weather the storm that has rocked rivals in the United States and Europe.

However, investors will be on alert for signs of stress

Commercial real estate investors risk painful losses in post-COVID world

LONDON/SYDNEY, July 31 (Reuters) – Commercial real estate investors and lenders are slowly confronting an ugly question – if people never again shop in malls or work in offices the way they did before the pandemic, how safe are the

A grandmother’s van life and where housing investors live: Canadian real estate news for May 27

Open this photo in gallery:

This week in real estate, the housing crisis pushes one grandmother to live in a van, and three reasons why mortgage refinances are

Here are The Globe and Mail’s top housing and real

Investors burned by real estate company Epic Alliance want fines, bans and compensation from founders

Investors who lost hundreds of millions collectively when Epic Alliance Real Estate collapsed in January 2022 want the province to fine the company’s founders Rochelle LaFlamme and Alisa Thompson and ban the pair from ever trading securities again.

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Real-Estate Investors Shy Away From the Now-Risky ‘BRRRR’ Method

  • Rental-property owners look for reliable ways to scale up quickly and ensure steady cash flow.
  • One way: buy a home, fix it up to rent out, then refinance to get cash and buy the next one.
  • Two investors lay out