How to Pay for Home Renovations Without Breaking the Bank


The home renovation process often starts with something simple, such as a homeowner’s desire to replace the ugly tile in the bathroom that they’ve put up with long enough, or the need to repurpose an unused dining room

Cost of repairs and renovations adds thousands of dollars to homeownership

Monthly mortgage payments aren’t the only recurring cost tied to owning a home. Money spent on maintenance, renovations and repairs, particularly for older houses, can easily cost homeowners thousands of dollars.

The median amount Americans spent on home renovations in

These Mortgages And Loans Pay For Home Renovations

Key takeaways

  • There are multiple loan options for people who want to borrow money to improve or renovate their home.
  • Loans that use your home as collateral, including home equity loans and HELOCs, can have tax advantages.
  • Loans that don’t

Are home renovations tax deductible in Canada?

Can I claim home renovations on my taxes in Canada?

There is currently a Canada Greener Homes Initiative that provides both grants and loans for home evaluations and retrofits, Joan. 

See the below chart for eligible retrofits. 

Home improvement Amount

New Law Gives You $8,000 for Free To Make These 5 Home Renovations

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Are you considering some home renovations for summer? If you approach your next remodeling project with an eye on sustainability, you may be able to reduce your home’s heating and cooling costs while

Here’s why the cost of home renovations are rising

Homeowners planning major renovations this year could face sticker shock. 

The price of construction and building materials rose 3% in February from a year ago, labor data shows. But some items have  skyrocketed. The cost of construction bricks has jumped