Smart Ways To Use Your Home Equity For Remodeling

Your home equity represents the share of your home that you own outright — either paid for in cash or repaid on your mortgage. If the value of your ownership stake is substantial,  you could utilize that equity to fund

Making sense of America’s commercial real estate crisis

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More Americans have chosen to work from home full-time or part-time since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, reducing the need

VA Rehab And Renovation Loans

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Buying a home that needs a little TLC can frequently be cheaper than buying a home that doesn’t need any work, but paying for those repairs can be difficult. Luckily, if you’re a member of the military

Trump Real Estate Deal in Oman Underscores Ethics Concerns

On a remote site at the edge of the Gulf of Oman, thousands of migrant laborers from Bangladesh, India and Pakistan are at work in 103-degree heat, toiling in shifts from dawn until nightfall to build a new city, a

U.S. Navy veteran in Tallahassee gifted with new roof

“Thank you, God, and thank you, Tadlock Roofing,” says a man whose wishes were granted Monday after he received the gift of a new roof installation for his family’s home. 

Josh Kish, a U.S. Navy veteran who served as an

5 Ways To Prepare for a Surprise Home Repair Expense

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When you buy a home, you expect to pay the mortgage every month, purchase insurance policies to cover your bases and know that some general upkeep will be needed to make sure it stays in shape. Surprise

Rate hike uncertainty muddies real estate market outlook

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The three-bedroom house at 87 Glengarry Ave. in Toronto was listed for $1.995-million and was expected to sell above asking. Three potential buyers submitted bids for the home, which sold for $2.41-million.The Print Market

1 in 4 Homeowners Can’t Cover a $1,000 Home Repair. Do This if You’re One of Them

Home Repair for the Elderly Program allows residents to safely reside in their homes | Fairfax County



Since 1978, the Home Repair for the Elderly Program (HREP) has helped Fairfax County residents who own or reside in their own homes make repairs and accessibility improvements to allow them to continue

8 Disclosures Sellers Must Make

When an owner sells a property, they are typically required to disclose information in a written document. The requirements vary based on state and local laws, but failing to meet them can lead to legal trouble.

In general, a disclosure