‘You just can’t trust anyone:’ Couple warns of home repair scam in Halifax and Kingston, Ont.

The men were friendly, professional and looked the part — but they were not who they said they were, and now Linda and Bill French are out $500.

The Halifax couple were recently the victims of a home repair scam

LACKIE: Busy Spring in Toronto Real Estate

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This has been a busy, bustling spring for the Toronto real estate market.

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There are people who will say it’s all an illusion. A perfectly coordinated dance between snake oil selling realtors and their greedy clients,

Sacramento pilot program to give $15K to homeowners for repairs

Sacramento City Council members this week approved a pilot program that would give homeowners thousands of dollars for emergency repairs.The Justice for Neighbors Emergency Home Repair Pilot Program would give $15,000 for needed repairs to those who qualify. The requirements …

Home repair crisis? Keep your cool and don’t get ripped off

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Lessons from a sewer pipe leak: Cultivate relationships with trusted tradespeople, particularly a plumber, before an emergency occurs.

You should know where and how to shut off the water in your home — and make sure the rest

What Experts Expect in 2023

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Perhaps you’re thinking about completing a few home renovation projects this year, but you’re afraid you might not be able to afford them. Between inflation and supply shortages, prices for these upgrades might surge.

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Investors burned by real estate company Epic Alliance want fines, bans and compensation from founders

Investors who lost hundreds of millions collectively when Epic Alliance Real Estate collapsed in January 2022 want the province to fine the company’s founders Rochelle LaFlamme and Alisa Thompson and ban the pair from ever trading securities again.

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Eight Days of Hope effort focuses on Harlem Heights home repairs

More than 1,000 volunteers arrived in Fort Myers Saturday and began a week-long effort to help repair homes for families in the Harlem Heights area affected by Hurricane Ian.

The cadre of workers were from Eight Days of Hope,

Canadian bank earnings at risk from office real estate exposure

Commercial real estate loans represent the second-largest lending exposure of Canada’s six largest banks

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How to detect home maintenance and repair scams

The return to warm weather brings with it a rise in home maintenance service scams that Toronto police say regularly occur each spring.

From roofing to moving scams and painting to appliance repair scams, homeowners should be wary of fraud

JLL Industrial enjoys advantages of hot commercial real estate market in Calgary region

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