How to Fix and Prevent Bubbling Paint Like a Pro

Painting is a very satisfying home improvement task. In a few hours, you can change the entire look and feel a room. However, as with all DIY projects, it’s not always as easy as it seems. You can avoid a

Real estate stocks extend losses as rates soar

By Sinéad Carew

(Reuters) – Shares in real estate companies fell on Friday, adding to a massive sell-off the previous day, when bond yields jumped to their highest levels in 16 years after the Federal Reserve signaled that U.S. interest

How to pay for home improvements

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Key takeaways

  • Prequalify with multiple lenders to get the best terms when looking into

Real Estate Crisis Triggers New Alarms Over China’s Shadow Banks

An accountant in northeast China deposited her life savings and received a letter guaranteeing her investment in a trust firm. Workers at a state-owned utility pooled money from friends and relatives believing that their investments were backed by the government.

Here’s What Can Happen When You Delay Important Home Maintenance and Repairs

Sales trend below average in qathet: real estate board

Real estate home sales dollar values in August 2023 dropped off from the previous year in the qathet region.

“Sales activity was about on par with levels from August 2021 and 2022 and continued trending below the average for this

Are home renovations tax deductible in Canada?

Can I claim home renovations on my taxes in Canada?

There is currently a Canada Greener Homes Initiative that provides both grants and loans for home evaluations and retrofits, Joan. 

See the below chart for eligible retrofits. 

Home improvement Amount

iFixit has Google Pixel Tablet parts for at-home repair

What you need to know

  • iFixit started listing genuine Google parts for those looking to fix some Pixel Tablet damages.
  • The most expensive parts are the tablet’s 10.9-inch display ($206) and its rear panel ($199) as it offers several additional

Common Home Repair and Maintenance Mistakes to Avoid?

When the home repair bills start to mount, many people suddenly become passionate about DIY home repairs—and there are certainly plenty of projects around the house that you can do yourself to save money. But a home repair is only

Short-term relief from Bank of Canada rate hold and more Canadian real estate news for September 9

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